History of FC Kahuna

FC Kahuna is an electronic and big beat DJ duo, composed of John Nowell and Daniel Ormondroyd. They are sometimes known as FC/Kahuna or Jon and Dan Kahuna. The two grew up together, listening to music and combining that with a business savvy that would merge into their future career.

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The duo developed reputations as hedonists, enhanced by their lifestyle in running the Big Kahuna Burger club during the height of the early nineties acid-house scene in London. Much of their popularity came in this period, when they performed as Jon and Dan Kahuna. They were a highly in-demand DJ duo. They have been linked to the Chemical Brothers in bringing the big beat sound public during this time. They garnered a dedicated following including star performer Fatboy Slim. In the late 90s, they released two EPs, "You Know it Makes Sense / What Is Kahuna?" in 1997 and "Bright Morning White" in 1998. In this period, they released one more single in "Mindset to Cycle" in 2000 before making what seemed to many like an abrupt change.

As their popularity was peaking and some theorized they were on the verge of breaking into the dance music mainstream, they moved on from the Big Kahuna Burger club and the lifestyle that went with it, and began to focus on the music and putting together albums. Many fans mourn their lost potential when they seemed to disappear from the scene right before they were to break through.

In 2002, FC Kahuna released "Machine Says Yes" a psychedelic album from which they issued several singles and received much critical acclaim. The most popular of the singles was arguably "Glitterball", a techno disco dance single that embodied the futuristic electronic sound crossed with a strong retro vibe that defined the album. At this point, they complemented their DJ duo act by putting together a live band and putting on performances. The band included Hafdís Huld on vocals, who has appeared on a number of FC Kahuna singles. The band also included John Thompson on bass. This group toured the UK in 2002 and has performed in other parts of Europe and the United States.

In 2003, they released a mix album, "Another Fine Mess". This included remixes of songs by New Order, The Faint, Felix Da Housecat, Mellow.

During their active period, their music was featured in Six Feet Under, CSI Miami and Nip/Tuck, and in several movies and video games. As of 2010, the duo is largely inactive. Their website is no longer online and there have been no new releases or singles since that final 2003 album.

• "You Know It Makes Sense" (1997)
• "Bright Morning White" (1998)
• "Mindset to Cycle" (2000)
• Machine Says Yes (2002)
• Another Fine Mess (2003, mix album)

• "Glitterball" (2002)
• "Hayling" (2003)
• "Machine Says Yes" (2003)
• "Nothing Is Wrong" (2003)

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